Customized internationalization plans

The elaboration of the internationalization plan is a set of actions by B21 and the client. A medium-term project that lasts, on average, 6 months.

Together we will evaluate the company, develop the strategy, prepare the business in terms of company and product to reach the international market .

There are several necessary adjustments that will be identified in the plan, including those related to the internal team for new routines that will arise with the process and changes in the product or service for the selected markets from consistent market research.


Market and target audience analysis to identify the best place to export.

Regulatory requirements

Adequacy of your company to avoid problems with regulatory requirements.

Commercial promotion

Commercial representation at international fairs and missions.


Adequacy of the brand, products, packaging and promotional materials.

Operations advice

Support in the preparation of documents for foreign exchange and financing operations.

Productive capacity

Productive analysis to adapt and meet the new international market chosen.

B21 specializes in preparing companies for export

We create internationalization plans customized for your company and your business.


We offer support to bring a product from abroad to Brazil or take your product from here to the international market.

From initial export planning to packaging change and financial contracting.


If you want to export and don’t know where to start, we have all the structure and experience to help you.

We will find the ideal solution and together create an internationalization plan for your product or service.


Our team will take care of the entire marketing strategy for your product abroad.

We are specialists in business management, commercial strategies, foreign trade, structuring of companies and international law.


We help you take your product to the market that most identifies with it.

Our advice ranges from the design of the project to the post-sale with the international partner. </ p>

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