Understand how each factor affects the company’s export difficulties

When the question is “ what is the greatest difficulty encountered in exporting “, a list of complaints is common: lack of government support , unfavorable exchange rate, < strong> excessive bureaucracy , lack of financing, Custo Brasil , complicated logistics, competition from the Chinese, etc.

Of course, all this related to the competitiveness of the country influences and, in some cases, decisively in the success of exports.

But exporting is not just getting to know the names of importers, obtaining financing, filling modules, dispatching goods, having efficient ports and transport… & nbsp;

All of these points is what we call the tip of the iceberg in terms of export .

The export iceberg

More important than the country’s competitiveness, the company’s competitiveness aspects are crucial points for a good export!

The exporting capacity , in most cases, will make the difference between success and failure in internationalization .

Export capacity

You may ask yourself: but how to assess your export capacity ?

The best way is to answer some questions that will make you analyze the production process inside the company:

  • Why do you want to export?
  • Do you have human and financial resources to manage the export?
  • Do you already meet the defined delivery deadlines in the domestic market? in your orders?
  • Are your suppliers qualified to supply inputs, quality components, prices, terms and certification required in the foreign market?
  • Does your company have clear competitive factors such as design, technology and brand?
  • Do you already use international standards for production, environment and packaging?

A good export needs planning and execution. The first step is always to analyze the export capacity and not just the country’s competitiveness for export.

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